NEW Chef-inspired Entrees!

Santorini’s Grill is thrilled to introduce a diverse range of chef-inspired dishes that will captivate your taste buds. The Harvest Grain Mushroom Bowl is a nutritious blend of kale, ancient grains, roasted potatoes, honey sriracha mushrooms, and feta cheese, all elevated by our house-made Skhug Sauce. For a smoky twist on the classic gyro, try the Wasatch Gyro, featuring tender meat, crunchy onion rings, and a smoky BBQ Sauce in a fresh pita. Crispy Puffy Pitas offer gyro meat, feta cheese, and Doner Aioli Sauce in deep-fried pockets. Vegans and vegetarians can indulge in the Falafel Power Bowl, with cauliflower rice, chickpea falafel, and vibrant toppings, all dressed in Skhug and Calabrian Chili Sauce. Mediterranean enthusiasts will savor The MED, a flavorful bowl with rosemary potatoes, braised beef, and pickled goodness, served with creamy horseradish sauce. Greek flavors shine in The ZEUS, boasting crispy fries, gyro meat, feta cheese, and a medley of toppings, finished with Tzatziki Sauce and zesty Doner Aioli. Finally, the Roasted Garlic Chicken Salad combines juicy garlic chicken, feta cheese, roasted corn, grilled broccoli, and roasted garlic cloves, all harmonized with Santorini’s House Dressing. Discover a world of culinary wonders at Santorini’s Grill.