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POSTED august 20, 2020

Do you prefer your pita with lamb or chicken? Cucumbers or tomatoes? Honey mango sauce or traditional tzatziki? The variety of mouthwatering options in the line seems endless, and it is all up to you to choose a delicious combination. This is Santorini’s Greek Grill, which opened for business at Station Park in 2018, soon becoming a local favorite by offering a menu for everybody—from adventurous foodies to picky eaters. 

As it is for all businesses, starting up was challenging and risky. Sean Dehghani, the owner, had run several restaurants in Salt Lake County in the past, and when CenterCalm Properties extended an offer for a location at Station Park, he knew it would be quite a leap."

When we started here, I didn’t fully have all the funding I needed,” Sean explained in our interview. “I went to the Davis County Loan Fund, so the county invested in us here.” And, it seems, the investment has been mutually rewarding: Sean has been able to pursue his career goals, while Farmington now has a fresh, unique business in the community. “It’s been a huge success since day one,” he happily admitted. But for Sean, success isn’t simply paying off loans. “It’s all really thanks to the community. When my wife and I started this, we said to each other we’re going to make sure we give back to the community as much as possible and not be a typical restaurant—not just take, take, take.” It is this attitude of giving rather than taking that truly sets Santorini’s Greek Grill apart from other restaurants. For instance, on the grill’s first anniversary, Sean dedicated the day to the Farmington police and fire departments by having the customers pay for their meals by donation. Of course, that was last fall, and business was flourishing. When the recent pandemic turned the world upside down, Sean, like so many other business owners, saw a dramatic drop in revenue as he no longer could accommodate dine-in seating. Regardless, he has continued to be generous even though it has been a time of such toxic negativity: In June, he teamed up with Siegfried and Jensen to donate hundreds of meals and thousands of gloves to various hospitals nearby. A couple weeks ago, Sean helped raise funds for Layton High’s drill team. For the restaurant’s second anniversary, he hopes to help the school district pay off delinquent lunch balances.

“I’m just a little guy, but we try to give as much as we can,” he said, “to give back and put good out there in the world.” If there ever were a time to cherish the good in our little corner of the world, it’s now. Thank you, Sean, for giving instead of taking.

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UTAH Business - Santorini’s Grill and Siegfried and Jensen donate $8,000 in gift cards to Safe Harbor Crisis Center
Posted on June 17, 2020

Farmington— Santorini’s Greek Grill and Siegfried and Jensen donated $8,000 in gift cards ($3,000 in Old Navy and $5,000 in Santorini’s gift cards) to Safe Harbor Crisis Center on Friday June 12, during a Community Caring Day event sponsored by Station Park. The mixed-use lifestyle center in Farmington invited the public to support local causes that day by giving blood, donating gift cards or dropping off school supplies. Anyone who donated received a free meal from Santorini’s Greek Grill.

Sean Dehghani, owner of Santorini’s said, “We appreciate how Safe Harbor helps survivors of domestic violence and we wanted to do whatever we could to help women exercise their basic rights that have been taken away through abuse. Giving these women a gift card gives them back the opportunity to make decisions for themselves without repercussions.”

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Davis County Daily Highlights- March 20
Posted on March 25, 2020

Santorini’s Greek Grill, located in Station Park, has become a Davis County favorite for their authentic and fresh gyros, bowls, Greek fries, and Greek yogurt desserts, in larger than life sizes. Image Source: Santorini’s Greek Grill During this time, Santorini’s is remaining open for pickup orders and is offering free delivery through Doordash. They will allow ten customers in their restaurant at a time to place to-go orders. However, to encourage social distancing, Santorini’s is offering 15% off all curbside pick up orders when placing your order over the phone. Just call them at 801-451-5850, give them your order and payment info, and they will hand-deliver your fresh meal to your car. They will also be giving a free bounce back meal card to use next week with every curbside order this Friday and Saturday. Trust us, after eating one of their giant, fresh gyros and their Loaded Greek Garlic fries, you’re going to want to eat there again soon. Beginning Saturday, they will also be giving 25% off to all healthcare workers. Santorini’s Greek Grill: (801) reviews Santorini’s Greek Grill in Farmington Station park
Posted on March 25, 2019

 I always ordered a gyro and a side of baklava. Those were the days. Well guess what? There’s a new Greek place in town. Santorini Greek Grill in Farmingtons Station Park is my new fave, for 2 reasons. First, they are in my back yard, so ya, obviously that helps, but more importantly, they have taken a fresh and healthy approach to that classic greasy Greek that I loved as a child. The gyros are insanely big (can’t eat a whole one). And the gyro meat on a salad is to die for. Piled high with all the fixin’s is how I like it. My kids LOVE yogurt. They down it like ice cream. I guess thats a good thing. It’s healthy right? Santorini’s Greek yogurt is made in house as well as their dressings. Everything is super fresh. Everything is super clean. The service is top notch. The atmosphere is beautiful and bright with murals of the beautiful “real” Santorini. Besides the salads and wraps, there are two things, make that three things on the menu that are seriously life changing. First up, the nachos. They are so good in fact, that they aren’t on the menu. They are on a “secret menu” and only the people that know about them can order them. Well, consider yourself as “in the know” friends! I promise you will love them. Secondly, the baklava. Its my favorite dessert of all time. All the flaky layers of goodness. I need to stop ordering it. It’s sinful I tell ya! And thirdly, the loaded garlic fries. It’s scary how good these things are. So good that we couldn’t fit them in our stomach, so husband ordered some to go! I know, please don’t judge us. Don’t worry, he took them to work for lunch the next day. The nachos and baklava are also excellent next day.  Eating out with 5 kids is no easy task. But its all about the memories right? And they love Santorini as much as I do, so I think it only fair that I share it with them some times too. We love supporting local family owned businesses like Santorini. They pour so much love into everything they do.

Best Greek Food in Farmington says a Customer
Posted on January 19, 2019

Bosco’s first experience was the flavorful pita wrap. This pita wrap isn’t your average size. Coming in at a whopping 9″, he compares it that of a big personal pizza. The pizza reference isn’t that far off. After selecting the pita option, you then continue down the flavor line adding all of your favorite toppings and sauces. Bosco will return to try the rest of our protein options that include: Lemon Chicken, Original Gyro, Smoked Garlic Herb Chicken, Chicken Gyro and Veggie Falafel.  Best Greek place in town. Makes the 40 min drive well worth it. 9″ Pita makes it like a big personal pizza with all the toppings that you want. Amazing amount of meat. Fresh ingredients that my body is loving (because I don’t eat a lot of vegetables) and the loaded fries to die for. The yogurt bar is my favorite. Pick all the topping you want and type of honey to sweeten it to make a refreshing finish. Staff was more then helpful in my decision making process and be a regular to try the rest of their meats!

Bosco P n
Salt lake city, utah

So good, you’ll come back for more greek food!
Posted on January 17, 2019

Found out about this new place from my son. We had the Gyro & Chicken rice bowl. Fast food style. Pick your Pita or Rice , then type of protein and finally toppings and sauce. First off it’s a lot of food. 9″ Pita is stuffed when they hand it over. Gyro was awesome, good and great authentic sauces. This is so big you could share with another. Wife had lemon rice bowl with garlic chicken. She loved it.

Staff was fast and moved the Saturday night crowd through their orders. Just simple tables and chairs. Laid back atmosphere. TV was playing Grinch at the time. Family operated. So full we didn’t get the yogurt for dessert. Have been told it’s fabulous. Will come back and give it a try. It’s all fresh and very healthy. Might be a fav go to place for quick meal. 

Update! Came back for another round. Had the rice bowl with chicken!! This place is a go to now. Everyone I have brought here really likes this place. Great Family who operate and staff are warm and inviting. Thanking you when you leave. Large amounts of food and great Greek flavors. Nice Job!!

Morgan H.
Kaysville, Utah

Imagine Chipotle, but with Greek Food
Posted on January 15, 2019

The service line style of dining makes it easy to customize your order. We offer plenty of options to choose from and you can’t go wrong. Tyler from San Jose California, was not disappointed when he left this review. Imagine a freaking Chipotle, but with freaking Greek food! Pick your toppings on either a pita or a bowl, UNLIMITED- $8.00. I wanted to pack this place up and take it back to San Jose with me. I had a bowl with French fries, lemon rice, gyro meat, lettuce, tomatoes, garbanzo beans, pepperoncinis, FREAKING dolmades . Then I had that baby topped with Tzatziki, and lemon dill that was straight FIRE! I want to bathe in the lemon dill sauce. I also had hummus on the side. The gyro meat was cut slightly on the thick side. It would have been nicer if it were sliced a little thinner to allow multiple ingredients in one bite. That’s really my only criticism, because everything else was phenomenal. Tyler c.San Jose, Ca

Santorini’s now open in Station Park
Posted on January 13, 2019


There’s a new restaurant in town, and this one is melding favorite flavors with a popular service idea. “Greek your way,” is the theme of the new Santorini’s Greek Grill, which opened Nov. 9 at Station Park.Patrons can choose their protein and their sauce and then add some extras when they order from the counter at Santorini’s, located at 290 N. Central Avenue. “We are focusing on three things,” said Sean Dehghani, co-owner with Massoud Shafizadeh. “Customer service, food quality and speed. We will give it 100 percent.” At a ribbon cutting ceremony to celebrate the opening, Angie Osguthorpe, president and CEO of the Davis Chamber of Commerce, said the restaurant is the only one of its kind “in the entire world.” She praised the owners and the chamber’s economic development team for “all this awesomeness.” Patrons can choose between pita bread or a bowl of lemon rice, French fries, Greek salad or lettuce for the base of their meal, then add a protein such as lemon chicken, smoked garlic herb chicken, gyro meats or veggie falafel. Toppings such as tomatoes, cucumbers, red onions and corn can be added as part of the meal. Adding feta cheese or Kalamata olives is also an option for an additional cost. Choices for the sauces range from Tatziki to garlic and herb, from lemon dill to honey mango. Greek yogurt with a wide range of toppings is also on the menu. Just walking into the restaurant transports you to the Greek island of Santorini, with large murals setting the backdrop for your meal. “Davis County is just the place we want to grow,” said Dehghani, who lives in Clinton. “We love the concept, we love being local and we want to give back to the community.” Santorini’s is open Monday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. and Sunday from noon to 6 p.m.